Urban Design & Placemaking

Urban design is considered as an art of designing places for people and is one of the important elements in urban planning, especially for a creating a livable, aesthetically pleasing, compact, dynamic and sustainable city. It concerns about the total visual effect of building masses, connections with people and places, creation of spaces for movements, urban amenities and public realm, and the process for improving the overall cityscape. Urban design also sets the framework for the physical and spatial arrangement and composition of all built-forms in urban structure and their three-dimensional relationship with the spaces around them and the surrounding settings for achievement of aesthetic and socio-cultural qualities.

Considering the importance of urban design interventions, 4th Dimension believes to have these interventions imbedded as an integral part of planning process. And in doing so we facilitate our clients in doing:

  • Reconnaissance
  • Study Planning for site observations and visual registration of infrastructure
  • Site Graphic Analysis including:

Registering all features of urban design like façades, incompatibilities, setbacks, building foot prints & heights, colors, visual clutters, street scape & furniture, walkways, parking, drains, water elements, signage & lighting, finishes, textures, landscape, views and vistas, pedestrian & mobility infrastructure and streetscape shall be observed and registered to make cross comparison with some best practice model already studied and gaps on part of form and design of case study area shall be identified. Further a comprehensive SWOT analysis is done to finalize design details.

Urban Design services are carried out for:

  • Streetscape
  • Street Furniture
  • Façade Uplifts
  • Upgradation of Public Green Spaces
  • Landscape Design
  • Development of design guidelines and manuals for street design, public spaces design etc.
  • Formulation of urban design policy framework and action plans as an integral part of City Master/Strategic Planning.