Urban Analytics, Digital Spatial twinning & Modeling

Urban Analytics is an emerging discipline in urban policy and management while offering a grander flexibility, granularity and range on looking at the challenges and opportunities of using new and temporal urban data to study the past, present and future of cities through employing methods including GIS, Remote Sensing, Big Data and Geo-demographics. Urban analytics involves the processes and practice of using diverse forms and streams of data in combination with computational models to analyze urban processes with greater flexibility and level of details. Ubiquitous data availability and computing applications combined have allowed us to explore complex morphology and dig down new intriguing questions about cities, their economy, governance, how they relate to the local and global environment, and much more. Data is new gold in contemporary world of urban planning and governance. Data helps us making robust and wiser decision which somehow was not possible the way we have today the computing applications to handle bag data in urban landscape. These were historically the modern database application embedded with GIS/RS and thus evolutionary shift from Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to urban analytics.

Urban Analytics involves the complex and scientific processes in transforming the raw data into tangible and comprehensible information which eventually helps us devising visualizations and robust policies and management.

4th Dimension's team of urban and data experts are equally trained and qualified to use contemporary models for understanding the urban dynamics, running in-depth analysis, examining dynamics to the maximum possible level of details, creating real time visualization and dashboards, modeling, decision support systems and help our clients in devising robust policies and management solutions.