Transportation Planning

4th Dimension Consulting also specializes in development of urban/city and regional transportation mobility, accessibility and connectivity policies, strategies and plans while dovetailing connectivity planning with landuse planning, translated from the city’s/region’s development vision and strategic plans.

Our team is equally qualified, trained & capable of carrying out different studies relating to transportation system and infrastructure improvement/development interventions for both at city and regional levels of planning, these include:

  • Origin & Destination Studies   
  • Cordon and   Screen Line Counts
  • Traffic Counts
  • Household Information Surveys
  • Travelers Information Surveys
  • Boarding Alighting Studies
  • Willingness to pay surveys
  • Land use registration along different corridors
  • Road and Intersection Geometry Registration
  • Turning Movement Counts
  • Boarding Alighting Studies
  • Data Digitization
  • Data Analysis and travel demand forecasting by using assistive modeler tools 
  • Priority Corridors identification
  • Urban Transport System Modelling and Simulations
  • Geometric design of arteries and corridors
  • Carrying out accessibility and mobility and other analysis using GIS and other modeling tools
  • Travel demand assessment
  • Parking demand forecast
  • Geometric and engineering design of urban and highway transport infrastructure and facilities