About us

4th Dimension Consulting Pvt. Ltd. entered urban planning & development sector consulting business in 1994 with an aim to provide quality services to the public, private and international donor sector clients. The firm is incorporated in Pakistan as a private sector limited company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and also listed as a category “A” consulting firm with the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP) other than having registrations enlistments with many other departments.

Firm’s primary areas of business are; Urban & Regional Planning, Urban Development, Housing, Infrastructure, Industrial & Technology Parks, SEZ’s, Urban Analytics, Commercial, Institutional, Hospitality, Energy, Environmental and Transportation Planning for clients both in public and private sectors.

From its very inception, the firm has followed the strategy of operating in development sector consulting business with the quality of service as a prime objective. The firm entered and continued the business with highly qualified, competitive and experienced professionals on its business PORTFOLIO whereas its competitors within the Pakistan do not possess such rich profiles. It was in this environment that the firm attained the reputation for successful completion of numerous projects.

Today, the firm has amassed a good business reputation and fame within the past two decades of its growth. It has employed personnel with highly competitive qualifications and experience and delivered highly competitive plan-design-execute solutions to hundreds of satisfied clients both in public and private sectors.

For the future, 4th Dimension Consulting retains its commitments high to innovate and grow simultaneously. Its proven experience in Urban Planning & Development, Climate Change & Environment, Infrastructure Development, Architecture and Project Management with in-depth technical expertise is a vital strategic strength to compete for the forthcoming projects, and to ensure achievement of its aspirations the organization will continue its tradition of placing a premium on people. It is the skill and vision of highly qualified staff motivated by success, which enables 4th Dimension Consulting to continue as a dynamic and prosperous organization to “Create and Shape Sustainable Future Spaces & Communities”.